Teesta Bhandare Art Advisory is a unique consultancy that combines art acquisitions and sales with a full service art law practice. The advisory bridges western and eastern art and culture through global acquisitions, sales and multicultural exhibitions. Teesta Bhandare draws on her extensive legal and art acquisition experience to present a premier advisory that is able to address the immediate and long-term needs of her clients.
Teesta studied law at the University of Warwick, UK, prior to which she read for a BA in Politics and International Relations from Scripps College, California. She also has a postgraduate diploma in Art Law from the Institute of Art and Law, London. She has spent extensive periods of time working in cultural and legal organisations such as the United Nations and international law firms in New York, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, London and New Delhi. These experiences have helped her understand how markets function within various cities as well as globally. They have also allowed her to appreciate art at a global scale and its positioning within these markets.
The advisory provides complete transparency because of key policies such as never acting for both a buyer and a seller in the same transaction. It aims to allow new and long-term collectors to expand their collections by providing works at various price points, from numerous parts of the world and by a range of artists. Teesta uses her curatorial experience when advising clients. She helps collectors acquire works that are aesthetically compliant with their tastes while also providing a long-term investment value. The global nature of this advisory allows Teesta to assist artists enter new markets by either representing them directly or through galleries.
The multifaceted nature of the advisory enables it to be prevalent in the various realms of the art market in India and abroad, and thereby allows Teesta to meaningfully engage with and predict trends.